By now, you've had a chance to explore the website and gain some insight into who I am. This page delves even further into my world.

Korean Music Enthusiast

woman raising both of her hands
woman raising both of her hands

Doggos are My Heart

From the captivating melodies of K-pop to the soulful tunes of Korean ballads, I am utterly captivated by the world of Korean music. Whether it's dancing to the latest hits or diving deep into the lyrics of my favorite bands, I find solace and joy in the beats and rhythms that cross borders and languages.

Dogs hold a special place in my heart. Their unwavering loyalty, infectious joy, and unconditional love make them true companions. I've spent countless hours volunteering at animal shelters, playing fetch with furry friends, and learning more about canine behavior. My dream is to make a positive impact in their lives and advocate for animal welfare.

This playlist has my favorite K-pop songs!